Sitalsasthi Celebrated In Sambalpur

Sitalsasthi fest fever grips in Sambalpur

The wedding of Shiva and Parvati is widely known as Sitalsasthi, a serious pageant of Utkal Brahmins since ages.

It was began 400 years in the past in Sambalpur after the king of Sambalpur introduced Utkal Srotriya Vaidika Brahmins from Brahmin sasana villages of Sambalpur district.

The localities of Nandapada is oldest seat of those Brahmins.They first began Sitalsasti Utsav This Hindu pageant is within the type of a carnival.

The place individuals and artists from completely different walks of life take part making it extra stunning and bringing out the true color of life.

Yearly it’s celebrated in the direction of the top of the summer time season (sixth day of the intense fortnight of the month of Jyestha),the goal being to name the rain Gods to offer reprieve from the scorching warmth of the Solar.

In the course of the carnival interval Sambalpur attracts vacationers from close by states and overseas additionally.

Video Of Sitalsasthi In Sambalpur


Sitalsasthi is noticed to have fun the wedding of Gouri and Shankar – as depicted within the Shiva Purana. When Tarakasur was inflicting terror and devastation everywhere in the world(Swarga, Martiya and Patala),all of the Devata’s approached Vishnu to search out out an answer.

Vishnu was undone; as Bramha had bestowed a boon that Tarakasura can solely be killed by the son of Shiva. Tarakasura knew it effectively that after the loss of life of his first spouse, Sati (Dakshayani), Shiva was left bereft, withdrew from the world and roamed within the wilderness dwelling a lifetime of austerity and would by no means have a son; additional Shiva was in deep meditation.

Vishnu prompt all of the Devatas to method Shakti and request her to take delivery as Parvati. On the request of all of the Devatas Shakti reincarnate herself as Sati (Parvati) born because the daughter of Himalaya and grew right into a supremely stunning younger lady.

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Narada instructed many tales of Shiva to Parvati and persuaded her to hunt Shiva in marriage.Parvati set in meditation, however even after ages handed Shiva’s meditation couldn’t be damaged. Once more all of the Devatas approached Vishnu to resolve the issue.

Urged by Vishnu, Kamadeva took his bow and threw kamabana(Love Arrow) at Shiva. Shiva wakened and opened his third eye and burnt Kamadeva as a punishment; since then Kamadeva took the form of Ananga. However because of this Parvati’s meditation was fulfilled.

Earlier than the wedding with Parvati, Shiva wished to check her, to understand how deeply she loves him. He incarnated himself as a batu brahmana(Quick heighted Brahmin) and instructed Parvati that, Oh! Parvati, you might be younger and exquisite, why do you select to marry an outdated fellow who lives in smasana (GraveYard), wears tree bark and snakes as ornaments.

I do know that Maheswara(Shiva) you need to marry, a half bare fellow, appears to be like ugly, nobody for certain is aware of his ‘kula’ and ‘gotra’, and the way may you ever be proud of such a nomad.

Listening to the suggestion of the batu brahman she received offended, and instructed Oh! Brahmana, ever after studying a lot shastras you might be nonetheless ignorant about Shiva, how silly you might be? I’m not bothered whether or not he’s outdated or younger, ugly or good-looking I’m not marrying him of his handsomeness, I’m attracted in the direction of him for his information.

I cannot settle for anyone else aside from him in marriage. Happy with all his check, Shiva appeared in his divine self. On the Jyeshta Shukla paksha Panchami they received married.

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Historic proof

King Ajit Singh son of Chatra Sai of the Chowhan dynasty (1695–1766) dominated Sambalpur. As he was a Vaishnava in his perception & religion and used to spend a substantial quantity time at Puri. He wished to determine Sambalpur as a spiritual place based on the Vaidik line.

Within the historical time Saiva upasak (those that worship Lord Shiva) Brahmins weren’t current in Sambalpur kingdom. King Ajit Singh requested some Utkal Srotriya Vaidik Brahmin households from Puri to settle at Sambalpur Kingdom.

They first settled at Nandapada locality of Sambalpur & Ajitpur Sasan (current day Sasan Village).The king established a number of temples within the space.

Ajit Singh understood that Sambalpur was well-known as a Saktipitha within the historical time, and the union of Shiva and Shakti have been worshipped. Dewan Daxina Ray prompt the king to determine and contribute generously to the temples of the Astha Sambhu within the space.

The temple at Huma (The Leaning Temple of Huma) the abode of Lord Vimaleswar the chief amongst the deities of the ‘Asta Sambhu’ was already re-built by King Baliar Singh on the ruins of historical temple constructed by Ganga Vamsi king Anangabhima Deva-III; later Ajit Singh constructed seven different temples for the Sambhus. (Kedarnath of Ambabhona, Viswanatha of Deogaon, Balunkeshwar of Gaisama, Mandhata of Maneswar, Swapneshwar of Sorna, Bisweshwara of Soranda and Nilakantheswar of Nilji).

In sasana villages of Puri Sitalsasti & Rukmini Vivah are two most vital pageant.The Utkal Brahmins established their Ista Dev Lord Balunkeswar at Balibandha,Sambalpur & first began Sitalsasti Jatra beneath royal patronage.

Later Jhadua Brahmins who have been primarily worship Jagannath and observe Vaishnava established Loknath temple at Jhaduapada and began their very own Sitalsasti Jatra.

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King Ajit Singh patronaged the Sitalsasthi Jatra/Yatra the wedding of Hara and Parvati at Sambalpur on the Jyestha Sukla pakshya Panchami. The God and Goddess are married like human beings.

Thal Utha (Starting), Patarpendi(Nirbandha), Guagunda (Invitation), Ganthla Khula are noticed religiously. As throughout the Ratha Yatra, Jagannath is handled as a Ganadevata, likewise method Shiva and Parvati are additionally handled as Ganadevata throughout this pageant.

The ceremony

One nominated household acts as the daddy and mom of Parvati, and gives the palms of Parvati for marriage with Shiva. Since Shiva is ‘Swayam Bhu’ nobody acts as his father and mom.

Shiva begins his marriage procession together with different Gods and Goddesses from his temple. Hanuman and Nrusingha(Nrisimha) takes cost and leads the procession to the bride’s residence. The household of the Goddesses welcome the barat procession (as we do in our marriages).

The idols are stored in a fantastically adorned palanquin, the daddy and mom and different relations of Parvati performs the ‘Kanyadana’ and the wedding is solemnised.

The following day the procession returns to the temple (Mandir Pravesh ) with Parvati. Folks dance, people music, completely different types of different dances and music & completely different floats are the principle attraction of this carnival.

Earlier the carnival was organized in two localities of Sambalpur metropolis i.e., Jhaduapada and Nandapada. Later in 1972 residents of the Mudipada locality organized one other carnival.

A Joint Coordination Committee now takes care of the entire association for the Carnival.These days the Sitalsasthi carnival may very well be seen on each avenue of the town and it has unfold to the close by cities of Bargarh and Jharsuguda. Therefore it has develop into one of many vital festivals of Western Odisha.


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