Nrusinghanath Temple, History of Nrusinghanath Temple

Nrusinghanath Temple
Nrusinghanath Temple is a famous visiting place of the district which belongs to the Borasambar Kingdom of the past now known as the Padampur Sub-division. It is 150 kms far from the district headquarters.
The temple of Sri Sri Nrusinghanath is situated at the bottom of the Gandhamardan Mountain which is approximately 3234 feet high. Baijaldev, the 8th Chouhan King of Patna had built the temple.
An inscription on one of the stone walls of the temple speaks of the history related to its construction. In the temple which is surrounded on all sides by incredible natural beauty, Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Marjara Keshari. The Govt. of Odisha has accorded it the status of a tourist spot to this place.
We learn from the description of Huen Tsang that it was a Buddhist spot in the past known as Parimalagiri. There is historical evidence that the Buddhist Shramana Nagarjuna lived here in the past.
There flows a fountain near the temple which takes different names at different places in its course such as Kapil Dhar, Bhim Dhar, Chal Dhar, Sita Kund & Go Kund.

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The top most point of the mountain Gandhamardan is known as Bhim Madua.The sacred Baisakha Mela (Summer Festival) takes place here on the occasion of Nrusingha Chaturdarshi.
Every year it attracts a huge gathering. Festivals take place here on the occasions of Solar & Lunar eclipses too. It is also a popularly favoured destination for picnic trips


This place was also a centre of Buddhist scriptural learning at Huen Tsang era. Lord Nrushinghanath is a much-adored deity of Orissa and a great fair is held in his honour on the 14th day of bright fortnight in the month of Vaisakha.

The Vidala-Nrusimha Temple stands amidst the verdant beauty of the picturesque Gandhamardan hills. Nrusinghanath is a popular and attractive pilgrim point. Coupled with a series of beautiful waterfalls and some sculptures, its location offers an air of serenity and visual delight, making the trip worthwhile. The present temple, located at the source of the Papaharini stream.

The site of the temple is unique. Stone steps wind up the hillside behind the temple, leading past a  waterfall, and eventually curving under the falls to a spot where some beautiful, and very well- preserved relief sculptures are found.

The climb to the carvings and return journey will take about an hour. Since shoes are not permitted on these sanctified pilgrimage steps, those with tender feet should take along a pair of heavy socks for the climb. On the opposite slope of the hill on which the temple is located, is the Harishankar Temple. Between the two temples there is a 16 km plateau, littered with Buddhist ruins that scholars feel may be the remains of the ancient university of Parimalagiri.

In temple complex you can see Chaldhar (waterfall), Bhimdhar (Waterfall), 9th and 11th Century God and Goddess Sculptures. A 16km stone step going towards Harishankar Temple, in the way you can visit Sitakunda, Panchu Pandav Caves, Kapildhar (Waterfall), Suptadhar (Waterfall), Satyaamb, Bhim Madua, Happy Point(Top Hill).

There is also a excellnt garden named Hanuman Vatika just near the temple. A small market is placed their, where you can buy toys, bangles,  some local gifts and religious items. You can take Prasad just outside of Temple Main Gate (Singha Dwara or Lion Gate).

A huge number of monkeys are inside temple complex, so beware to them for your cameras, food items, Prasads etc.. You also can get accomodation in temple complex.


You can also get Free Parasad (HARIHAR PANGAT) at 12 pm inside Temple complex. Temple remain open from 4 am to 12 pm and then 2 pm to 6 pm.

How to reach Nrusinghanath Temple : is a famous visiting place of the district which belongs to the Borasambar Kingdom of the past now known as the Padampur Sub-division. It is 150 kms far from the district headquarters.: From Balangir take road towards Padampur. Then on Padampur left turn towards Paikamal (25kms). On Paikamal take left turn towards Nrusinghanath Temple Rd (3kms).

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