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Nayagarh District

Nayagarh district is among the 30 districts of Odisha State in jap India. It was created in 1992 when the erstwhile Puri District was cut up into three distinct districts, specifically Khurdha, Nayagarh and Puri.

It’s house to the Baisipali Wildlife Sanctuary. It is sort of a Hill station, as far as pure surroundings is anxious. Chhena Poda is the favorite candy for which Nayagarh is known in Odisha. Mr. Hemanta Kumar Padhi, IAS is now heading the district administration because the District Justice of the Peace & Collector.


Historical past Of Nayagarh district

Nayagarh princely state was created across the 13th century and is taken into account as an necessary half within the historical past of Odisha.

King Suryamani of Baghela dynasty got here to Puri and established his kingdom at Nayagarh. Current Nayagarh District consists of the 4 Garjat states (small provincial states dominated by the native kings) of ex-states Ranpur, Nayagarh, Khandapara and Daspalla.

The aboriginal “Savaras” and “Kandhas” are the indigenous folks of Nayagarh District. The Aryans got here later. Nayagarh District with its ex-states of Nayagarh, Khandapara, Daspalla and Ranpur performed a significant position within the freedom battle of India.

The beginning historical past of Nayagarh within the 13th century is a vital chapter within the political historical past of Odisha. Suryamani of Baghela dynasty got here to Puri on a pilgrimage from Rewa State in Madhya Pradesh and established his kingdom at Nayagarh.

On the way in which to Puri, each Suryamani and his brother Chandramani took relaxation at evening at Gunanati. The realm was stuffed with tigers and at evening a tiger attacked him. Each the brothers fought the tiger and killed it.

The native folks praised the courageous brothers and elected Suryamani as their chief. Suryamani step by step constructed his fort at Gunanati and married a Mali woman. After the demise of his first spouse, he once more married a Kshatriya woman.

From there, he then attacked Haripur and Ralaba. Ralaba was a really stunning place. Whereas sleeping a tiger attacked him at Ralaba; he once more fought and killed it. At that second, he noticed a woman with an empty pot handed by to fetch water.

Astonishingly, she returned with just a little boy. Instantly, Suryamani obstructed the way in which of that woman and wished to know concerning the thriller. The woman informed she was Bouri Thakurani (an area worshiped goddess) and the tiger that the king killed was the boy. She suggested Suryamani to kill her and worship her as his deity.

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From that date Suryamani worshiped “Bauri Thakurani” at Ralaba and constructed his fort there and adopted Tiger Head as a state image.

Ninth king of this dynasty “Bagel Singh” (1480–1510) got here on a searching to a spot in between Rukshi and Balaram mountains and noticed a beautiful sight {that a} rabbit pressed down a canine there. After seeing this extraordinary occasion, he chosen and shifted his capital to this place.

As per his identify, this place was often called “Baghua Nayagarh”. The place the place such an occasion occurred is now often called “Kukur Tasara”.

12th King of Nayagarh Raghunath Sing (1565–1595) was extremely highly effective. Throughout this time Muslims had already captured Odisha and the ambiance of the coastal Odisha was totally indiscipline. Final impartial king Mukunda Dev (1565) was defeated in Gohritikira and died.

By taking the benefits of the political conditions of coastal Odisha, Raghunath Singh attacked Ranapur and captured Odagaon, Sarankul and Baunsiapara space from Ranapur property and dispossessed Nayagarh-Daspalla border space from the King of Boudh and Sunamuhin space of Odgaon from the King of Ghumusar.

He additionally captured a portion from Banpur. Earlier than demise, Ragunath Singh divided his property between his three sons. Harihar Singh was in possession of Nayagarh and Jadunath Singh received 4 Khandagrams (massive space of land) which was later often called Khandapada. Gadadhar Singh was the son of Harihar Singh.

When he was engaged in a struggle with Ranpur property, the king of Ghumusar attacked Nayagarh. Pindik Patsahani of village Sunalati with 150 troopers fought the nice military of Ghumusar and defeated him. However, in subsequent battle he was captured by the enemy and sacrificed his life.

Gadadhar Sing’s daughter married the nice poet Upendra Bhanja of Ghumusar who settled at Malisahi of Nayagarh property after marriage. When British captured Odisha, Binayak Singh Mandhata was the King of Nayagarh and the nice Jadumani (Utkal Ghanta) was his poet.

There have been a number of Princely States in Nayagarh District.Nayagarh District was created within the yr 1995. Previous to 1995 it was a subdivision of Puri district.


Daspalla State was based within the 15th century.


1653 – 1701 Chakradhar Deo Bhanj. 1701 – 1753 Padmanav Deo Bhanj. 1753 – 1775 Trilochan Deo Bhanj. 1775 – 1795 Makunda Bhank Deo Bhanj. 1795 – 1805 Guri Charan Deo Bhanj. 1805 – 1845 Krishna Chanda Deo Bhanj. 1845 – 1861 Madhusudan Deo Bhanj. 1861 – Jan 1873 Narsimha Deo Bhanj. 21 Jan 1873 – 21 Might 1874 Chaitan Deo Bhanj (b. 1854 – d. ….).

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21 Might 1874 – 1896 Chaitan Deo Bhanj (s.a.). 1896 – 11 Dec 1913 Narayan Deo Bhanj (b. 1860 – d. 1913). 11 Dec 1913 – 15 Aug 1947 Kishor Chandra Deo Bhanj (b. 1908 – d. 1960). 11 Dec 1913 – Three Mar 1930 …. -Regent.


Khandpara State was based within the 17th century.


1675 – 1709 Narayan Singh Mardraj. 1709 – 1723 Balunkeswar Singh Mardraj. 1723 – 1732 Banamall Singh Mardraj. 1734 – 1770 Bairagi Singh Mardraj. 1770 – 1794 Niladri Singh Mardraj. 1794 – 1815 Narasimha Singh Mardraj. 1815 – 1821 Purushottam Mardraj. 1821 – 1842 Krishna Chandra Singh. 1842 – 1867 Kunja Bihari Singh. 28 Feb 1867 – 1905 Natobar Mardraj Bhramarbar Rai (b. 1837 – d. 1905?). 1905 – 26 Dec 1922 Ram Chandra Singh Mardraj Bhramarbar Rai. 26 Dec 1922 – 15 Aug 1947 Harihar Singh Deo Mardraj Bhramarbar Rai (b. 1914 – d. 1977).


Nayagarh State was based in 1550.


…. – …. Chandrasekhar Singh Mandhata. …. – …. Purushottam Singh Mandhata. …. – 1784 Mrutyunjay Singh Mandhata. 1784 – 1825 Binayak Singh Mandhata. 1825 – 1851 Braja Bandhu Singh Mandhata. 30 Sep 1851 – 1889 Ladu Kishor Singh Mandhata (b. c. 1843 – d. ….). 1889 – 1890 Balbhadra Singh. 2 Mar 1890 – four Sep 1897 Raghunath Singh Mandhata. 1897 – 7 Dec 1918 Narayan Singh Mandhata. 7 Dec 1918 – 15 Aug 1947 Krishnachandra Singh Mandhata (b. 1911 – d. 1983).

Current King of Nayagarh is Raja Saheb Rameswar Prasad Singh Mandhata


The Jagannath temple at Ranapur

The legendary date of basis of Ranpur State is 18th century BC.


1692 – 1727 Ramachandra Narendra. 1727 – 1754 Sarangadhar Bajradhar Narendra. 1754 – 1789 Narsingh Bajradhar Narendra. 1789 – 1821 Brujdaban Bajradhar Narendra. 1821 – 1842 Brajsundar Bajradhar Narendra. 1842 – 1899 Benudar Bajradhar Narendra (b. 1817 – d. ….). 12 Jul 1899 – 21 Jun 1945 Krishna Chandra Narendra (b. 1875 – d. 1945). 21 Jun 1945 – 1947 Brajendra Chandra Narendra (b. 1928 – d. 1980).

Maoist assaults

The district is at present part of the Crimson Hall. On 15 February 2008, a variety of police amenities throughout the district got here beneath assault from maoist rebels ensuing within the demise of 13 cops and 1 civilian. Throughout the raid, the rebels stole a variety of weapons.

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Targets of the assault had been the police coaching college, the police armoury and a police station. The preventing lasted about one and a half hours.

blocks of nayagarh=


  1. Bhapur
  2. Daspalla
  3. Gania
  4. Khandapada
  5. Nayagarh
  6. Nuagan
  7. Odagaon
  8. Ranapur


In line with the 2011 census, Nayagarh district has a inhabitants of 962,215, roughly equal to the nation of Fijior the US state of Montana. This offers it a rating of 453rd in India (out of a complete of 640).

The district has a inhabitants density of 247 inhabitants per sq. kilometre (640/sq mi) . Its inhabitants development fee over the last decade 2001-2011 was 11.3%.Nayagarh has a intercourse ratio of 916 females for each 1000 males, and a literacy fee of 79.17%.


Nayagarh was placed on the railway map of the nation on 19 June 2017 when railway minister Suresh Prabhu formally devoted the brand new line from Bolagarh Highway to Nayagarh as a part of the continuing Khurda Highway-Balangir venture.

The railway minister additionally inaugurated the Nayagarh City Station constructing whereas flagging off a passenger prepare that made the primary journey to the city. A Rajsunakhala to Nayagarh prepare is at present accessible.

Visiting locations

  • Baisipali Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Jagannath Temple, Nayagarh
  • Maa Dakshina Kali Temple, Nayagarh
  • Sri Nilakantheswar Temple, GambhariDihi, Nayagarh
  • Ladoo Baba Temple, Sarankul
  • Raghunath Temple, Odagaon
  • Nilamadhab Temple, Kantilo
  • Maa Maninaga Temple, Rana pur
  • Jagannath Temple, Ranpur
  • Maa KAUNRI Temple, Rajsunakhala
  • Brundaban Chandra Matha, Ratnapur Sahi Rajsunakhala
  • Kotagada Gumpha, Rajsunakhala
  • Maa Tarini Temple, Shyamghan pur, Close to Ranpur petrol tanki
  • Dutikeshwar Temple, Bahadajhola, Odagaon

  • Mahaveer kshetra, Daspalla
  • Maa Kaunri & Somanath Dev, Govindapur
  • Maa Mahamaya Temple, Jemadeipur Sasan
  • Budhabudhiani Dam, Odagaon
  • Kuanria Dam, Daspalla
  • Baradaini Hill, Daspalla
  • Tarabalo Scorching Springs, Fategarh
  • Raghunath jiu temple, Dhenkena
  • Gatiswaar temple, Malisahi
  • Hanuman Mandir,Rajigiri Hill, Malisahi


(119)Ranpur stays with Puri Lok Sabha constituency after delimitation. (120)Khandapada was part of Bhubaneswar Lok Sabha constituency. After delamination it’s a part of Cuttack Lok Sabha constituency from 2009. (121)Daspalla(SC) was part of Bhubaneswar Lok Sabha constituency. After delamination it’s a part of Kandhamal Lok Sabha constituency from 2009. (122)Nayagarh was part of Bhubaneswar Lok Sabha constituency. After delamination it’s a part of Puri Lok Sabha constituency from 2009.




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