Know About Kumara Purnima Festivals In Odisha

Know About Kumara Purnima Festivals In Odisha

Kumara Purnima

Sharad Purnima (often known as Kumara Purnima, Kojagiri Purnima, Navanna Purnima, or Kaumudi Purnima) is a harvest competition celebrated on the complete moon day of the Hindu lunar month of Ashvin (September to October), marking the top of the monsoon season.

In Odisha, on this present day single ladies preserve quick with the favored perception of getting their appropriate groom(kumara). This competition begins with maidens welcoming the solar god simply at dawn with a coconut-leaf-made-vessel known as ‘kula’ crammed with fried paddy containing 7 fruits like coconut, banana, cucumber, betel nut, sugar-cane, guava adopted by ‘Aarti’.

Within the night they break their quick by getting ready a dish containing the fried paddy of the morning together with the fruits, curd, and jaggery to supply the moon god earlier than the ‘tulsi’ plant. After this maidens play video games and sing songs below the sunshine of the complete moon.

The Kojagari Purnima considerations the observance of the Kojagara Vrata. Individuals carry out this Vrata below the moonlight after fasting for the day. Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth, is considerably worshipped on this present day as it’s believed to be her birthday.

Lord Indra, the God of Rains, seated on his elephant, Airavata can be worshipped as is also Lord Shiva together with his consort Parvati and provider Nandi.

The devotee breaks the quick at evening by taking parched rice and milk after providing them to the moon-god. Vivid descriptions of this evening are given in Brahma Purana, Skanda Purana, and the Linga Purana. It’s stated in these Puranas that Goddess Lakshmi takes rounds of the earth to look at the actions of human beings throughout this evening.

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7 Issues To Know About Kumara Purnima

  1. Morning and night ‘Anjulis’

Maidens get up a lot earlier than solar rise, bathe and dress to carry out the ‘Janhi Osa’ the place they provide to the solar god, palmful of ‘khae’ with ‘janhi’ (striped gourd), cucumber, banana, coconut, gua (betel nut), and so on. referred to as ‘Anjuli’. Additionally they lighten a diya and carry out a puja to pay reverence to the Almighty for an acceptable bridegroom. The identical ritual is carried out within the night, however with ‘Chanda chakata’.

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2. For a good-looking husband like Kartikeya

Lord Kumar Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati, was born on this pious day, therefore the title ‘Kumara’ Purnima. Apparently, he was very handsome and probably the most eligible bachelor within the kingdom of gods. Subsequently, maidens rejoice this competition and carry out rituals, aspiring for a husband, as good-looking as him.

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  1. Ready for the complete moon

The total moon is the centre of attraction on this competition. Ladies increase the ‘Chanda chakata’ and pray to the moon. The moon can be synonymous to a good-looking husband that the ladies are searching for for themselves. Previous grannies are of the opinion {that a} lady has to see the ‘Udila Janha’ (the recent moon that has simply risen on the horizon) for a younger and enticing husband; if one takes too lengthy to see the just-risen moon, then an previous and senile bridegroom is of their future.

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  1. ‘Puchi khela’

It’s the signature Kumara Purnima recreation. It’s performed in a squatting place the place one’s weight is shifted and balanced from one leg to a different quickly. In villages, ‘Puchi’ competitions are held within the moonlight. Colleges additionally organise ‘Puchi’ competitions for women. Video games (equivalent to ‘Puchi’, ‘Bohu-Bohuka’, ‘Bisa-Amruta’, and so on. are performed and songs (like ‘Phula Boula Beni’) are sung within the moonlight.

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  1. The yummy ‘Chanda Chakata’

The ‘Chanda chakata’ is a delicacy made up of ‘khaee’, jaggery, banana, coconut, ginger, sugarcane, talasajja, cucumber, ghee, honey and milk is laid out on a ‘kula’ (winnowing fan) within the form of a half moon and supplied to the moon. It’s then rolled into fistfuls of balls and partaken of. This tasty delight can be distributed amongst neighbours.

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  1. Kumarotsav

Kumarotsav is well known throughout Odisha to commemorate Kumara Purnima. Dance and music performances are organised throughout the state. Odissi recitals, dance performances on widespread people songs (“Kumara Punei Janha Lo”) and Dasabatara (ten incarnations of Vishnu), Sambalpuri ‘Dalkhai’ dance and tales of this Odia competition are depicted on stage.




  1. Starting of ‘Kartika’ month

Lord Jagannath and Krishna are prayed all through the month of ‘Kartika’ that commences from the day after Kumara Purnima until ‘Rasa’ purnima. A particular ‘Habisa dalma’ is ready utilizing substances like moong daal, colocasia, inexperienced uncooked banana, ‘oou’ and ghee, with out the utilization of turmeric. This dalma is eaten as soon as every single day, earlier than nightfall and stays a weight loss program staple all through the month of ‘Kartika’.

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